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When did we lose the ability to play!

Updated: Mar 18

I am sat here, with my youngest daughter Ophelia; two older sisters and two younger brothers, apparently no one quite the fit to play Polly Pockets with Ophelia. 'Mum can you play Polly Pockets with me?" Of course" I say.

I start opening the beautiful intricate Polly Pockets sets with teenie tiny people. Bumbling around the mini characters and putting them in the teenie tiny rubber rings, then into the pool house. "Mum, you are not playing right" say's Ophelia.

I think oooo, am I bad at playing? What type of mum am I? According to my 6 year old I am not very good at playing. Does that mean I am a bad mum? Can I not play?

So I start thinking about when I grew up - when was the last time I played as a child? Did I know that was or that was going to be the last time I played? Was it gradual? Sudden?

When will the last time be for Ophelia....

I remember playing for hours with my barbie house when I was little - rearranging the furniture, driving in the barbie car! What a beautiful thing 'to play' is and why as adults have we lost that ability?

I get into character now, with my doll I walk up to the house.. 'Can I come and join you for tea?l I say 'Yes of course you can, come into my Polly Pocket house' Mum, use your voice like we do when we play hairdressers' says Ophelia. Ooo ok righto....

I start making character voices, pretending we are on a movie set, we are laughing away and now according to the 6 year old my play is acceptable! Yay!!!

So put your phone away, no distractions sit with your child, ask them ' what do you want me to play with? Or just follow their play! Spend undivided attention on what your child perceives play to be in that moment. Your child's play will change every day until one day they may not play anymore.... So treasure it!

Imagination is a gift, imagination and creativity is play! It's learning, it's roleplaying, it's growing in confidence... Play is so much more than Play!

Sebrina x

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