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What’s it like going on walks with a 4 month old 🌞🌼

Product Review; We received the most amazing package from BIBS this week and we’ve been trying out all the goodies they sent us!!

Now the weather has just suddenly changed and is so sunny, we’ve been taking Forrest out on walks in the carrier (Baby Bjorn), and we’ve been loving it!. He loves it in there, being so snuggled up to me, he pretty much falls asleep most times because of the motion!

Now Forrest is 4 months we decided to move him into the bigger carrier. I used to have him in a wrap sling which I was obsessed with, it made getting things done so much easier! But he is now rather heavy and definitely doesn’t fit in that anymore! And nosey to say the least, he gets extreme fomo so he enjoys looking out on the walks and I find it perfect for him to be looking around taking everything in but so easy having him close.

When we take him out in the carrier it is hard to take a bag as well as carry him but recently we’ve been trying out some bits BIBS do and they have made life so much easier taking him out in it!

We have been trying out different bits from their ranges including a complete bibs glass bottle set in baby blue, a vanilla pacifier case, supreme pacifiers and colour pacifiers and a gorgeous iron and cloud pacifier clip! It is so nice to just be able to clip these accessories on to my carrier so I have them readily available at all times. I must say these extras have added to making my first outings with the Forrest in the carrier such a dream.

We have found the pacifier box so useful as it can just attach to the carrier and we can put his dummies in there so we can keep them sterile. You can also use the box to put snacks in so as he gets bigger and uses the dummy less we can still take the box out with us and just easily attach it to the carrier.  Forrest will start weaning in the coming months so looking forward to trying it out in this way.

Recently we went on a very wholesome walk to Durdle Door. The whole family went and we took Forrest in the carrier! We walked from Lulworth cove, up the hill and along the coast. Getting out in the fresh air, is so good for my mind, soul and well being! It was such a beautiful evening and didn’t take us too long, rewarding ourselves with a yummy pub dinner after! (Lulworth Cove Inn) Yum!

We love getting out and about and a sleepy Forrest has never stopped us. We just scoop him up and take him along, whether that’s putting him in the carrier or pram. However, in the carrier there’s always the worry that when he’s sleeping he’ll drop his dummy out his mouth and then we will loose it or it’ll hit the floor and then we can’t use it. But we have been trying the bibs pacifier clip and omg I love it! It attaches so easily to Forrest and the dummy (all of bibs pacifiers will work with it) and then if it falls it’s safe and just stays with him!

If the dummy ever did fall the pacifier box can also be used as a steriliser either in the microwave or with boiling water so we have peace of mind wherever we go out with him!

The weather is definitely making us feel so happy and excited for summer, I can’t wait to take Forrest out and about more especially now it is so easy..... down the beach, to the woods and on holiday!

We have so much to explore with him coming up, he’s in for so much fun!

Letitia 💕

Check out my TikTok to see videos of what we get up to weekly 🥰🌸

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