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Travelling advice with littles

Updated: Apr 24

Bournemouth 🇬🇧 ✈️ Lanzarote 🇮🇨


• Stroller - request for it to go into the hold from the gate / plane entrance (handy when the smallest doesn’t want to walk because there’s no reasoning with a toddler esp when you’re on a time limit🙈)

• BACKPACKS filled with;

- Snacks snacks snacks

- Notepad/pen so they can doodle

- Stickers/colours always winners

- Sensory toy keeping them wowed

- Tablets for quiet time

- did I mention snacks 😜

Last time we took a flight with Maya (then 2yrs old) she had a complete meltdown, tantrums, kicking the back of the chair the lot - the expectation that will happen was there but how I’d react was not and I thought this time round flying I’d prep my anxious mind for it, so for me this was MY list of essentials…


• Positive affirmations - flying with kids is tough, most people around you know that, don’t be so tough on yourself if your kids are having a meltdown, it will more than likely happen, they don’t know how to fully articulate what they’re feeling & that’s how it’s expressed, take a moment yourself, remind yourself that it is okay, give them a cuddle - you may need it more then them

• BREATHE mama, with one earphone in listen to a mindfulness app, zone in on those breathing exercises to self regulate

• Get yourself & the kids a treat from the cart, the love that sort of thing, get them engaged for some cute convos with the cabin crew, they love kids and give them the best attention. even if it’s just getting something like drinks/a bag of crisps etc., we got fruitshoots (& champagne for the adults 🥂 that certainly helped 😂)

• Swapsies - If you’re with others, swap around seats, switch up the entertainment, get a break away from the kids (I handled the kids for half the journey then swapped with daddy & wrote this, sipped on my champers & we all had a snooze 💤 )

Mama you’ve got this x

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