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Top 6 must-do's after having a baby amid COVID-19...

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I have just given birth to my fourth child and I can tell you that having a baby in a world pandemic definitely has its highs, lows and challenges.

I could go on about how every time I think about what we are living in, and the fact that my baby is now 7 weeks old and hasn't had cuddles from any family members outside of our household, brings me to nearly tears.

Or how I can't wait to chat face to face with my best friends and squeeze them to death, and how I miss their little ones smiles and chuckles, but I'm a glass overflowing kinda girl - always half full never half empty. So here is my positive make-the-most-of-COVID-19, 'Stay at home where possible', top six to-do list for new parents that aren't leaving the house much.


So first on my list is the most important. It's do something for you each day (Make it your priority)

One of the benefits of all the extra time at home and no visitors is that you have extra time to pamper you instead of that time spent making a million teas and coffees for your guests!

My favourite pamper at home treat has to be a mini pedicure finished by a coat of nail varnish! I use Tropic 'a walk on the beach' which comes with the most fabulous smelling foot soak, with a use time and time again foot pebble and a foot moisturiser!



Book a Doorstop photographer. While you're stuck at home, why not organise a doorstep photography shoot? We will (hopefully!) never experience this again, and family photos are wonderful for looking back on, especially if you have recently had a baby. We're living history right now, and that is incredible.

Lots of parents choose to have their newborn photographed within their first few weeks of life, and with studios reopening, you can book a slot with the incredible Sophie Bowdler Photography

But if you're keeping away from the outside world, you don't have to miss out entirely! Sophie has written a blog on how to create your own newborn shoot - read it here.



Join a virtual baby group -

Just because face-to-face meetings are hard at the moment, doesn;t mean you have to sacrifice meeting other new parents. Groups and classes are where lifelong friends are made, where you can find out about milestones and be reassured that you're not the only one going through something.

Lots of groups have taken to online meetings and sessions where you can socialise, discuss the ages, stages and development as your little ones grow and develop together.

Specialised classes like baby massage, yoga or sign language can help you bond with your baby, and the silver lining to furlough is that both parents can take part.



Tiny hands and feet don't stay tiny for long, so why not spend some time at home making a record of them? This inkless kit makes it super easy, and you can turn the prints into something spectacular, like jewellery.



With gatherings still very restricted, naming ceremonies and Christenings are limited. Ellie from Wildflower Ceremonies has been busy during lockdown creating the most

hand-fasting ceremonies for couples who had to cancel their wedding plans - and the same can be done for naming ceremonies too! You can set the scene at home, invite your nearest and dearest to a Zoom meeting and Ellie will lead a heartfelt, personal ceremony. The pros are pretty good - no clearing up, the weather doesn't matter and it's low cost.



It has to be said, lockdown gave us all a chance to catch up on DIY and housework. Britain's homes and gardens have never been so well maintained! If you're taking this opportunity to give your house a makeover, then the nursery might be one to start with. Cheeky Bandits create bespoke artwork for children's bedrooms, nurseries or for displaying around the house. Check out their Etsy shop to see their beautiful range.

Sebrina x

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