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The Three Little Pigs @Lighthouse Poole

My Little Ophelia, is 5 and she is a real story teller and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

Ophelia has this imagination that is beautiful and creative and so carefree. Along with being a story teller she also loves to write!

When Ophelia tells me stories, sometimes they are so real I have to say 'hold-up Ophelia, is this real Ophelia or Story teller Ophelia?' She will whisper in my ear "Story teller Ophelia" and then we carry on. When we are storytelling it is soooooo real!!

This is a natural talent of Ophelia so we will endeavour to encourage and grow her interest where we can, naturally we take Ophelia to shows and performances because she lights up! Its great to let young children express themselves how they see fit and adapt to different situations and environments!

We love the 'Sherling Studio' at the lighthouse as they have wonderful intermit, interactive and cosy performances that are short and engaging!

The creativity of the pigs, the set, the character changes was unique, fun and captivating to such a young audience. Only an hour long so it caught the attention and attainment of the children incredibly. I laughed along too and as an adult I got just as involved and had a wonderful time.

Currently at 'Lighthouse Poole' There is a performance on from now until the 24th December, additionally if you feel your child is slightly too young for a pantomime then this is the perfect stepping stone and introduction to the theatre. Please see more information below...

Press Release - TUESDAY 5 - SUNDAY 24 DECEMBER

Various times (SHERLING STUDIO) Age guidance: 3+ 


Tickets and information 01202 280000  


A joyful, family-friendly retelling of The Three Little Pigs, created by the inspirational Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company, is set to bring the festive feeling to younger theatre-goers at Lighthouse Poole next month.  

Co-commissioned by Lighthouse and developed in collaboration with young minds, The Three Little Pigs has been co-written by nine children and presents a unique physical production featuring raucous puppets and original music to captivate the whole family. The classic tale has been reimagined with the children's ideas and playfulness at the heart of the story as the young co-writers worked alongside the team in creating and rehearsing the show as true collaborators. 

This included attending rehearsals as well as a day at the National Theatre studios in August, as part of the National's Generate programme.  

Leaders in family theatre Stuff and Nonsense regularly delivers workshops for schools and works with children as part of the creation process. The company is renowned for shows that hold children's curiosity with family connection at the heart of the story and The Three Little Pigs is an extension of this way of working that has involved children's input from beginning to end. 

After tricking the unsuspecting wolf onto a bus, the three little pigs are on the run and in search of help from audiences across the country. With the need to build a strong shelter, these problem-solving pigs call upon the audience to help them outrun and outsmart their unwitting pursuer.  

Working with schools in Plymouth, Bridport and Poole, three children from each school were selected to work closely with the Stuff and Nonsense team on this show. Led by Artistic Director Niki McCretton, the company supports children's learning and development through creative activities. Teachers are given a greater understanding about the benefits of learning through the creative arts and given confidence to widen their curriculum planning. Heralding imagination at the forefront of their work, Stuff and Nonsense shows are co-created with children and artists to enable an insightful creative journey, where children and adults can learn together and inspire each other.  

Director and Artistic Director Niki McCretton comments: "The Three Little Pigs is a show about family - three plucky siblings and a lone wolf! We have been creating it with a group of wonderfully insightful and inspiring children who have contributed brilliant ideas, so it’s a show that has real heart as well as some exciting adventures." 

Co-writer Anna Murphy adds: "I am delighted to be in the theatrical playground that is Stuff and Nonsense's storytelling. The Three Little Pigs, like their other shows, is a suitcase full of delight, inventiveness, joy, and wonder." 


If you have not visited the Studio performances aimed at the little children then prehaps pop it on your to do list :)

Sebrina & Ophelia xxxx

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