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Q&A with @Poshlemons - Dorset based Mummy IG Content Creator/Blogger

Updated: Mar 13

What inspired you to start your Instagram page@Poshlemons?

To be completely honest it was all for myself really. My friend visited me when I was having a really bad time mentally, I had been off sick from work and was hiding away in my flat, she came over to try and put a smile back on my face. And for that evening it actually worked. We cosied up on the sofa with an endless supply of chocolate, put a movie on and had giggles over a boy she was dating. She showed me his pics on Instagram, I couldn’t see properly so double tapped it thinking that’s how you zoom (oops!!!) and had even more of a laugh over my social media / tech ignorance. She showed me more of what insta was about, the types of accounts you can follow, the types of things people post, and I took it as a mini project. On the road to recovery, I managed to get out the flat making little trips to cute coffee shops around the area (we lived in the city just by tower bridge so cute coffee shop central) now this is where my love for lattes began, I used these trips to coffeeshops to practice mindfulness.

- the smell as soon as I walked into a coffeeshop

- the delicate detail in the latte art

- the warmth I could feel in my body after that first sip

- the sounds of the coffee machine, people chatting away, coffeeshop acoustics, all surrounding me like a snugblanket wrapped over my shoulders

I would take pics of my cup of happy, cute cosy corners, and share mindfulness practices I had learnt or even life quotes as captions. My account at this point was private, it was just for me, my family and friends I had on there. I wasn’t very open about my mental health as actually at that time I was almost ashamed of what was happening to me.

The years went by, I became a mama to two gorgeous girls; Asha 6yrs and Maya 3yrs- after having my second (Maya) and it being during the pandemic, I learnt the importance about being open and honest about my mental health. Learning that writing about my struggles helps myself but also other mamas too which was huge thing for me. Us mums on maternity leave during 2020/2021 were deprived of those usual mum and baby groups, and I found a mummy group on IG and with it a tribe of supportive mamas - it took off from there, I made my account public, and the following came in. I share pics of my journey motherhood and life, write the truth behind them, the ups/the downs/the pretty/the ugly, I also get to work with incredible brands I am discovering along this journey andones that I truly believe in.

Going back to ‘it was for myself’ it still is really as I like scrolling my own page and being reminded even though there are tough times there is light and it will be okay.


Where did the name Poshlemons come from?

As you now know, life gave me lemons … and my nickname is Posh / Poshni 😊 that started with my brothers taking the mick out of me because I was and still am a bit of a pampered pooch, being the youngest sibling, amongst two boys, my parents kept trying for a girl and ta da I arrived into the world LOL!! ‘Poshlemons’ is a bit random, but it stuck, and I quite like it, it’s not trying to be anything but me.


Who is your biggest inspiration / role model

MAMAS of all kinds- working, stay at home, single, married, widowed, young, mature, in the middle, you name it! literally after having my first I had this newfound respect like never before for all mothers. What women go through from wanting a baby, growing a baby, to birthing them and keeping them alive, mind blown, we’re bloody super humans!!!


What do you think makes your IG page successful?

I tell the truth, the pic may be pretty but the words will tell you the ugly behind the scenes whether that’s on the grid or on my stories. That’s how I connect with my followers, we are always in it together. The comfort we all find in others going through the same thing is beyond amazing. It’s not that we’re thriving off others who are suffering but the fact that we arehelping to heal and support one another.


What’s the hardest part of managing your page?

Trying to respond to everyone, I don’t ever want anyone to feel as if they’re being ignored. I have so many lovely followers constantly engaging on my posts which I love to see and interact with. But some days I fall behind on catching upand it makes me feel like a crappy friend ☹


Do you find it easy to balance work and home life?

I really struggled with work life balance especially after returning from maternity leave (both times). Each time had its challenges.

After Asha it was a huge shock because I didn’t return to work as ‘me’, I was someone different, I was a mum with a different perspective of life and a new set of priorities. When I was at work, I wanted to be at home with my baby but then the times I was at home with her I wanted to be at work.

Then after having Maya, my pandemic baby, I went from (so many things):

1. being the first to be sent to work from home because I was pregnant

2. working from home pregnant and with a toddler

3. having a baby in lockdown

4. maternity leave in/out/in/out of lockdown

5. returning to work … from home :/

If that wasn’t confusing enough, then add in - still breastfeeding to the mix!

I’d like to think I have a good balance now though; I work full time however get my pockets of happy in so many ways. I make the most of the days I do work from home by utilising breaks well; going to the gym, grabbing a coffee with a friend, insta journalling, spending more time with the girls – I am able to do the school/nursery runs, finish without commute and straight to mumming. I make a point to go into the office once a week as a change of scenery which has massively helped me appreciate the flexibility working from home does give me.

I do still have my ‘what am I doing’ days, but it's usually a matter of re-setting the mind and taking a break.


@poshlemons x


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