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Our first time at mama and baby yoga 🧘‍♀️💕🌸

This week I made it back to yoga! This time with my little babe in tow ready to do some stretching! When I tell you my body needed it, it needed it whilst being postpartum!

I went to pregnancy yoga with Dulcie at joyfull mamas from about 25ish weeks and absolutely loved my experience so was super excited to get back on the mat and have some time to look after my body!

I was nervous about going, I didn’t know what to expect and now with a baby it’s hard to anticipate what might happen. I worried about the car journey there, if/when he’d need feeding, his nappy changed, and of course the most dreaded crying! I definitely thought about cancelling my session as I just wasn’t sure I would be able to manage it.

However, after messaging Dulcie the night before she reassured me that anything goes. So Tuesday morning came around and off we went. He slept the whole way to her studio and only woke when I stopped the car. He then was happily chilling until we went in, and even then was just giving the biggest smiles.

Of course though, he decided that as we walked in that was the perfect time to fill his nappy so I then had to change this before we started. I did feel a bit awkward doing this but then a lady after me went and changed her baby and I realised actually if he needs changing then he comes first and I can’t be worried I’m going to offend someone! He totally doesn’t understand at such a young age, his needs need to be met just as much as anyone else.

Then back on the mat and onto the yoga! I laid out a blanket for Forrest to lay on and luckily had a rattle in the baby bag to keep him engaged! My heart felt so whole being back to a place where I had only ever been pregnant but now with my baby and doing yoga with him! It was just such a wholesome experience!

He loved it, smiling away the whole time watching everything I was doing and taking in all the surroundings. Dulcie was amazing and anything really did go. Including the babies with nursery rhymes and including them in the yoga we were doing either using them as part of the position or over them to keep them happy. I fed Forrest when he needed feeding. I dropped in and out of the yoga as and when I could and the whole experience was so relaxed I wasn’t sure what I had been so worried about.

It was so nice just being with other mums and babies but doing something for me at the same time.

My advice from my experience would be don’t preempt what might happen. Go in with an open mind, most people are understanding and sometimes it’s worth putting yourself out your comfort zone to enjoy an experience with your baby.

I’m looking forward to our next session!

Letitia 💕

Check out my TikTok to see videos of what we get up to weekly 🥰🌸

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