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January goals!

Updated: Jan 4

I'm not sure about you, but as soon as January hits, and even if I didn't plan to, I do start clearing out, decluttering, cleaning, rearranging, organising, etc... And once I start I can't stop. Maybe it's the feeling after you have completed a job - the satisfaction of ticking it off the seemingly never-ending to do list!

I always have a list on the go. Actually several lists; one for work, one for home jobs, one for the family agenda - as I said I love ticking things off. It is also thought that a clearer environment enables a clearer mind.

My Top Tips For A New Year Reset...

  1. Write it down Whatever is on your mind, jobs you think of or something you want to achieve write it down in list form or as a tick list.....

  2. Visibility Write a list and make it visible, ie on the worktop, or in a drawer that you open often.

  3. Pace Pace yourself, don't over do it.

  4. Plan Plan a schedule of reasonable expectations. One thing a day off the list is a good place to start - if you achieve more, that's great!

  5. Do it properly Do each job to the full, don't do half a job. Future you will thank you!

  6. Celebrate Celebrate each win, even if it is small. Tick it off or draw a line through it.

  7. Rewrite your list Once you have started ticking off things that you have accomplished and your list is getting messy, start a new list!

  8. Everything you want to do or need to do try and write it down and tick it off

Good luck with your January decluttering, and I hope you find these top tips helpful and feel the self pride for accomplishing what you set out to achieve!


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