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Carna's World 2 - Christmas 2018!

Christmas 2018!

Who doesn't love Christmas time and the whole lead up to it?! I have always loved December! This year has been extra special because it was Aoifes FIRST Christmas!

I genuinely haven't been so excited about christmas since I was a child! Its true what people say that when you have a child christmas is so exciting again! I wanted to start traditions, spend time with family and spoil my baby girl!

So all of December I was sorting presents, getting christmas outfits and decorating the house! Aoife was only 8 Months old at christmas so she wasn't excited but she definitely knew something different was happening! This year we had Christmas eve Evening at out house with Ollie’s parents and Brother and also my Dad, sister, brother and sister in law! I love having people over at ours! Before everyone came over we went to see Father Christmas!! Well.. Aoife did not enjoy meeting him, it was so festive though, we saw reindeers and some singing penguins - we went in a winter wonderland before going in to meet him! It was so amazing just to spend time as a family and to start traditions!

Christmas morning we woke up and Aoife opened her presents, we went to mass with both our mums.

I remember when I was younger we use to have a special christmas day outfit, so of course Aoife had a special outfit.. I did go all out and get her a handmade one! I loved it was so worth it!

Christmas afternoon we headed over to my mum and step dads for christmas dinner Where Aoife had her first ever roast! she loved sitting with everyone round the table! We ended up staying at my mums because typically out boiler decided to stop working the night before!! But we didn't let it bother us! We had an amazing day with family!

With all the excitement over the 2 days Aoife was very over stimulated and was a bit of a nightmare to get to sleep! she was so tired but just wouldn't fall asleep! Overstimulation is something I have been aware of with Aoife from birth because it seems to really affect her when it comes to sleeping! If she’s had an exciting day she’s hard work to get to sleep, so I find her evening routine is so good for chilling her out! Anyway, she didn’t have her bed time routine on christmas day so she did not want to sleep! She finally went down at about 9pm! And just like that all the excitement and fun was over for another year! what will next year bring?! Im getting excited just writing about it!

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