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Trainmaster Dorset

Updated: Jan 4

Trainmaster is an award-winning pop up stay and play event that happens all over the south coast of England.

Trainmaster Dorset sessions are enjoyed by all ages, but particularly suit 18 months to 6 years old. There are two different sessions available, the Trainmaster TOTS sessions are aimed at 18 months to 4 years, then there is the normal Trainmaster sessions that are aimed at 18 months to 6 years.

The Trainmaster TOTS sessions are capped at 15 children per session in the week and offer weekend sessions for school aged children. There is free parking available onsite and near by, so it's easy to shepherd your children in and out of the sessions! You can also opt for their quieter sessions - these are open for all but are popular among families with SEND children and those who would benefit from a more relaxed environment.

We visited the Trainmaster Dorset in the October 2023 school holidays. I went with my three little ones, Ophelia 5, Darwin 3 and Othello 2. We love to be out and about adventuring together and finding new things to do., and this seemed perfect for a day when it was too wet to go outside.

A friend joined us with her two children, so there was quite a party of us!

We visited the TOTS session in West Moors. There was ample parking, so we parked directly outside the doors. As we walked in, it was definitely something different and exciting to what we normally do. The children all paused as they scanned the room, then they all ran in eagerly after taking their shoes and coats off to the resources that caught their eye.

There was so much on offer, at first they flitted looking at all the different offerings. But then after the initial curiosity each of them engaged into different activities.

There was some dressing up outfits tucked in a corner which was such a lovely addition! There were the obvious train costumes, but also some princess dresses and many more, but the highlight for me was when Darwin wore an Amazing Crocodile outfit. He got in character by laying on the floor over the tracks to derail the drive on train. I mean come on guys, this really can happen.....right!?!

There was a Thomas tunnel, ride on trains which all the children took turns collaboratively on. In addition to this, there were many trains and train sets, all different sizes and styles to suit all different ages, abilities and interests. There was some basic ones for the 2 year old but also more complex ones where you had to move pieces to ensure the trains could move through the tunnels or change tracks. It was a very calm environment with so much to do. All the trains were in beautiful condition and fascinating to look at.

Darwin, my 3 year old, particularly enjoyed it and engaged in delight for a very long time and really got into some of the more varied and complicated train sets. In fact, he's been building more complicated sets at home since. He's eagerly waiting to go back to visit Trainmaster Dorset!

Trainmaster Dorset isn't just for the train enthusiasts among us, but is fun for everyone!

Thank you for having us,

Sebrina and co xx

You can book online and find out more information at

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