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Top Ten Newborn Baby Must-Haves...

Four Dorset mums share their top buys for new parents

1) Get your hands back Need two hands-free? All three of our review mums - Ali, Kat and Sebrina - put this as NUMBER 1 on their lists! It's the Organic Hana Baby Wrap!

You can keep your baby close to you, but also get the things done! Your new baby has been living inside you, listening to your heartbeat every day so why let that stop?

A stretchy wrap gives you two hands to look after older siblings, get on with household tasks (if you want to, no judgement from us if you just chill out with the baby) and work, if you need to.

All baby wearing is incredible for bonding as well as offering comfort but PLEASE always ensure you follow the T.I.C.K.S SLING SAFETY GUIDELINES - you can read them here. These allow you to baby wear and keep your baby super safe.


2) Sleep, perchance to dream (if you're lucky!)

Pregnancy - beyond support pillow (Sebrina's recommendation)

This is Sebrina's NUMBER 2 on the list; a support pillow.

This is great for aiding a good night's sleep during and after pregnancy, nursing your new little one, and much, much more! This really is a versatile pillow which will be a welcome addition to any bedtime!

3) It's getting hot in here Kat's third must-have, especially with summer born babies.

Gro-egg - Don't second guess the room temperature, know it at a glance!

There are so many things to be aware of when you have a new baby, and dealing with the changeable British weather is one! This easy to use Gro-egg gives you a clear indication of how you need to dress your baby for bed - that sad red face really makes you find cooling solutions though!

4) Rockabye Baby

New mum Jade can't be without her 4moms Mamaroo baby rocker -

The 4moms Mamaroo is a luxury baby rocker packed with the latest technology for rocking, soothing and calming baby. If you want something all-singing all-dancing, then this is it!

Featuring a built-in MP3 player, you can download your own soothing sounds like white noise, rain sounds, the ocean, or a heartbeat or you can link and control from your smartphone and play yours and babies favourite songs (Beyonce is calming, right?)!

5) Soft and gentle Another essential on Sebrina's list takes us back to basics - it's cotton wool.

It's recommended that new parents use cotton-wool and warm water for the first six weeks of babies' life during their nappy changes. Wipes contain chemicals that can be harsh on new skin, so cotton wool is kindest to skin. The added bonus is that it's cheap and cheerful and has many uses.

Plus, what is more natural than water?

6 ) Wash your cares away

Next up is from Ali's list - and this one is for bathtime! Child's Farm products are known for their gentle and safe ingredients. You can keep them squeaky clean with this range of products suitable for sensitive newborn skin.

7) Go big or go home

Checking in at number 7 on our list is the extra-large/oversized organic muslin. Both Ali and Sebrina recommend.

These are so versatile must-have, don't leave the house without one!

These beautiful muslins are perfect for multi-use. Swaddling, burping, comfort, as a breastfeeding cover, playmat, keeping baby shaded (always ensure there is airflow around baby). The organic cotton is long-lasting and super soft, as well as kind to the planet.

You won't want to leave the house without one!

8) Keep calm and carry on!

New mum Jade loves her Caboo Lite; it's

perfect for discreet feeding, walks where the pushchair is inconvenient, claming a fussy baby and giving you your hands back! You can wear it in multi positions which makes it a great all-round baby carrier.

9) Speedy Switch

The Doona car seat - Ali's fave!

From car seat to stroller in seconds, the Doona is perfect for those quick journeys that a traditional travel system hinders. It's idea for the modern busy family; quick stops at the shop, school runs and errands become much easier.

PLEASE always follow car seat safety advice though.

10) Playtime is fun!

Last on the list is Sebrina's recommendation. With a background in EFY education, she's our go-to for all things development related.

The playmat is most often the first toy babies play with. They often spend many months using these, so why not get one that grows with your child? This fun and sensory loaded playmat really is genius!

Sebrina, Kat, Ali & Jade


*This top ten recommendation list has been developed by the personal experiences of four mums. Please research your product choices before buying, especially carriers, car seats and sleep aids. We do not take any responsibility or can not be held personally liable for any purchases you make.

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