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Songs for Sweet Dreams

If there is any quest in parenting that I have taken most seriously, it's the one for a whole night's sleep. Heck, I'd even go for four solid hours at this point. Here's my soundtrack to soothing to sleep (sadly for us, it's not enough for our sleep-proof kids!)

Lullabies. They come in all kinds of forms, from the soft, soothing voice of mummy (not this mummy, however, I sound like Babe the pig with a cold) to the plinky, plonky tones of a cot mobile. We found that by using the same music night after night, you create a sleep association and in this house, that's a flippin' awesome thing. But since you have to listen to the same music day after day, you want to at least not want to rip your own ears off, right?

“...Sleep, perchance to dream.” Hamlet, William Shakespeare

Amazon Prime has been my saviour - they have endless playlists and albums of gentle, relaxing music and if you are a subscriber to it, it's free! Here's my top five bedtime albums.

Baby Lullaby Baby Lullaby

Pretty much on repeat at night now, the songs are uplifting, sweet and don't get stuck in your head. A Spry family favourite.

Deep Sleep Music - The Best of Disney

Relax a Wave

Deep Sleep Music - The Best of Disney

I found this via a playlist, and loved the piano covers. It's lovely and soothing with a slow, easy pace which helps to relax both you and your wee one. This may get stuck in your head, and you definitely will be singing along...

Rockabye Baby! Lullaby renditions of...

Rockabye Baby!

Who can resist having a listen to rock covers? When I saw these albums I was delighted to see a change from the usual twinkle twinkle. The variety of bands covers raised a smile too, from Blur to Foo Fighters to Madonna. The actual songs are a bit plinky plonky for me (xylophones I think) but it's a lot of fun to guess the songs.

Piano Lullabies For Babies

Andrew Holdsworth

This was my first find on Amazon Prime, and it was our go-to for bedtime for months and months. I love the gentle playing and having looked up the musician Andrew Holdsworth I really liked his personality (there's a new website now with no About Me, so you can't see but he was funny in it). Traditional lullabies, beautifully put together.

Disney Lullabies Classic Renditions of Disney Favourites

Lullaby Baby Trio

Another Disney album, but this is a different style. Soft woodwind instruments make this a peaceful soundtrack, and the variety of songs means you can mix it up between the two!

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