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Poole Cycle Speedway Club-

Updated: Jan 9

In the heart of Poole, in Baiter Park, there is Poole Cycle Speedway! Poole CSC have had a great year in 2023 and they can not wait to see what 2024 holds for them especially as it is their 50th Anniversary this year also. They are located in Baiter/Habourside Park (Catalina Drive) and are always looking to welcome new members onto the track! The club even run a kids club from March through to October each week...

For anyone new to cycle speedway, it is the cycle racing equivalent of motorised speedway featuring four riders racing over four laps from a standing start. The bikes are unique to the sport and have a single gear and no brakes. Boys and girls compete in a range of competitions or just for fun and the age range of riders covers the complete spectrum with the youngest rider at Poole currently just 4 years of age and the eldest riders compete regularly in the Over 60's competitions.

The Poole Club competes in virtually all racing available both in the UK and on the International stage. British Championships are promoted throughout England, Scotland and Wales and cater for teams and individuals with age ranges from under-10 through to open and also veteran. In addition, there are European and World Championship meetings held regularly. Poole is a family club which is always ready to extend a warm welcome to new riders so why not come and check us out!

Every Tuesday evening from March through to October between 5.30pm and 7pm for children, then 7pm to 9pm for adults. They have these sessions weekly at the Poole Cycle Speedway Club. You can go along for your first children's session for FREE. After that It is £2 per child per session. The Club can supply Cycle Speedway bikes (free of charge for the session) for young children who can ride without stabilisers and upwards! They cater for everyone and just ask for long sleeves, trousers, helmet and gloves (if you have them, if not they have some they can loan) If not take along your own bike or balance bike.

The session are one and a half hours long. After the first free session it costs only £2 to come and join in.

Those partaking, eagerly wait in the designated pits area. The sessions are coordinated by volunteers who mostly have had experience and have been cycle speedway riders themselves and all very friendly and helpful.

It is extremely well coordinated, when everyone first arrives, all the children can go around the track at their leisure, It is just a free bike around the track for the first part. After ten minutes of free riding around the track all the riders get called back to the designated pits area. They split the children in to age ranges and they take small groups at a time in order to compete against one another in the small and more age appropriate groups. It is fun and friendly and everyone cheers everyone on. The children prepare themselves at the start gate line and wait for the tapes to go up. A few times round the track, they are all winners as they have all had fun, their little faces beam as they go around at their own pace and speed. After their round they go back off the track to put bikes down and watch the next races. They clap, cheer and celebrate the success of each other. When we went there, there was a little one's joining in from just one years old, then toddlers and up In the age ranges, boys and girls.

After an hour and a half of having a great time around the track we sat in the seating area with some hot dogs and chips from the Canteen on site, ready to watch the adult professionals take to the tracks. Some of the adults Travel around the UK and the World to compete.

The Canteen there serves.... drinks, hot beverages, snacks and hot food. There are also lots of spectators that come to watch which creates a fabulous atmosphere in a beautiful location.

In the Club Room there is so much history, photos of cycle speedway, winners and success stories its worth a peek!

So if your little one loves to be on a bike, head on down to the cycle speedway to give it a trial...

Sebrina & Co

Cycle Speedway History

The origins of cycle speedway are believed to be obscure, however they think they are dated back to the 1920s. They have knowledge to believe that it took off in the post war wreckage in the cities in Britain. They made tracks through the rubble as a track and used bikes that were not road worthy. The sport grew for young people to enjoy themselves.

Matches between cities then developed In 1946. Clubs started in London, Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton.

The first International match took place between Holland and England and watched by over 10000 spectators which took place at the Empress Hall, Earls Court , London on the 26th October 1950.

Harbourside has had its home at Harbourside in Baiter, sine 1974 and is now one of the premier venues within the sport of cycle speedway, and has copious success in British events both as a team and with individual riders.

Racing events now take place at the track every other weekend from March through to October Starting at 2pm.

The racing s fast, explosive and very often spectacular as all riders accelerate towards the first bend in a bid to leave the race often resulting in some riders "Biting the dusk"

Poole Cycle Speedway 2023/2024

Here are the Champions of 2023 and their world superstars that belong to the Poole Cycle Speedway Club....

Our 2023 Champions:

Kenzie Bennett-World Junior Champion, Regional Under 16 Series Winner

Maddie Saunders-World Under 19 Girls Runner-Up, British Women’s Champion 

Phil Gard-British Over 60s Champion, Eurovets Over 50 and Over 60 Series Winner

Feroze Langoo-Regional Junior Champion, World Junior Championship 5th place

Oliver Saunders-World Under 16 Championship 9th place, World Junior Championship 10th place

Nataleigh Goulden-World Under 16 Girls Championship 3rd place

Lexie Curtis-Regional and National Junior Girls Series Winner

Tallulah Curtis-British Under 10 Girls Champion

Jamie Randall-Regional Under 14 Series Winner

Oscar Bartlett-Regional Under 8 Series Winner 

We can't wait to head down to cycle speedway when they open again in March. Maybe see you there,

Sebrina & co x

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