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New Year - The List!

Updated: Mar 17

Each New Year, is a point in time! A point to stop check, and reflect. Think back over the last few years of your life and stand and see where you are! How ever old you are, these years have scoped and created YOU! The paths you have followed and diversions you have taken are what makes you who you are today!!!

Not just that, another important factor; you may have mini you's ,that you are also helping to sculpture, grow and Flourish!

It's important to see the successes, the hurdles you have accomplished as well as those moments of ' I wish I did that slightly different', 'if that happened again I would....'

As each new year is pending, I start to think about the future and what I want... I break my life into sections..


My family



I then write a list of what I want to achieve in the next year. These are your goals.

It's important to start with you, do something for yourself, whether it's to join a fitness class, go for a walk once a week, catch up with a friend monthly. Do something for you - this will give you something to look forward to and make you a happier human ,by putting yourself first, even if it's just a tiny bit of time a week.

Me - Last year my goal was to get fit, I did that - I have continued my goal for my fitness into to this year as my New Years goal, but set a more in-depth goal on continuing to better myself in my own fitness.

My Family - My family goal is to do more quality experiences with my children, to do more out of my comfort area, out of the normal. Not plan too much though so we can enjoy the simple things also. So this goal is something I have planned towards the end of the year. You will have to find out what trip I have planned for 2024....

My work - My goal is to focus more, not to get so easily distracted by phones, avoidance to get the job done, temptation for the adhoc coffee date, when I need to get through.a pile of work. To push myself to grow and learn a new skill.

Household - My goal for 2024, for the house, is to keep the garage organised and have a set plan to reduce stress around Christmas - yes that means that I MUST get more prepped earlier and not leave everything till the last minute!!!!

I write these down and for some reason I write each list in the inside of a book cover!

Then I reflect on each years previous goals , to show myself what I have accomplished and am still working on.

So these goals can be big or small it doest matter as long as they are your goals :)


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