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Book Review!

Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack Join Gymnastics

By Gemma Coles ~ Illustration & design by Anthony Charles

We found this little book perfect for little ones. It's active, it's interactive, it talks about feelings, and it opens some great talking points about trying new things, celebrating others' strengths and having big feelings!

I sat down with my daughter Ophelia to share this book together. Ophelia insisted on bringing her yoga mat. As a book lover, she was eager to get involved in this one!

"I'm going to do whatever they are doing in the book", Ophelia said, looking at the front cover. Ophelia (year 1) reads to me every night, but it is important for me to ensure that we still read to her in addition to her reading to us. A love of reading is one that should always be treasured and shared.

This book talks about feelings when children are in new experiences and environments. In the book, the characters express how they feel. In the Early Years, children start to understand how they feel when they experience different routines, classes, nurseries, starting school, etc. They may be separated from familiar carers or the comfort of friends or siblings. Being put out of their comfort zones, feelings of anxiety or nervousness...

This is a great book to talk about and share feelings of how it feels to be nervous and have big feelings when starting a new class, seeing lots of other children, new teachers, new routines, and new activities. It is ok to have these feelings and to talk about them.

This book goes steadily from two children who are anxious about attending a gymnastic class for the first time to rolling around on the floor, stretching as high as they can. They have big, big feelings. This book travels through the ups and downs of joining a new class. as the story goes on, children reading the book can join in with the activities and what all the characters are doing, from rolling, jumping, star jumping, and stretching. It celebrates how all the characters are good at different things, and they celebrate that. By the end of the class, Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack try lots of new things that the readers can also try. They make new friends, they no longer feel nervous and they both found out what they are good at, they cant wait to come back again soon, joining a new class can be fun and exciting! Life always begins at the end of your comfort zone.

It is really important to share success and teach children this from a young age, to build reliance and kindness and try new things, celebrating the success of others and enabling children as they grow up to recognise that everyone is different and has a variety of strengths. It is ok for someone to be better at something than others. Every child is unique and has something to celebrate, we are all different and that what makes the world go round.

It is a great book and one to definitely get the little one's hearts beating - ooo and that's another talking point! Why is your heart beating faster now?.... How do you feel?

This book brought on a lot of smiles, a lot of giggles and a lot of fun!

If you would like to purchase this book, then here is the link.....

Thanks for reading...

Sebrina and Ophelia x

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