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Flip Reverse It

Amy Hennessey on using mindfulness, positivity and biscuits to create a better day!

I've had a bad day today. Me and my husband planned to go out for a Sunday roast but as my 5-month-old son has a cold and is teething, we've stayed in. He has fussed ALL DAY long, won't eat, won't sleep, thinks all his toys are waaay too boring and the most fun thing to do is to punch me in the face. It's not his fault, he's a baby who doesn't feel well, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating. I also haven't had a good night sleep with him in three weeks so my tolerance levels are set to zero.

Before you get out your tiny violins, I understand this is a familiar story to all you parents out there. The point of me telling you this is I've spent all morning feeling sorry for myself, generally being grumpy and making matters much much worse. Then something clicked as I was stood in my pyjamas washing his milk bottles. I decided I didn't want to be grumpy any more and to seize back my day. So I decided I was no longer having a bad day and that was that. I stuck on Defying Gravity and belted out that showtune with all the fervour of Idina Menzel, made myself a coffee, scoffed a biscuit, then went back to my son and played peekaboo until he smiled.

I strongly believe that a huge part of whether you see something as good or bad is down to your mindset and what you decide you want to feel about something. I did a course with the wonderful Michelle Locke ( a while ago which reinforced some of these beliefs in gratefulness, living in the moment and mindfulness. The trouble is I've always been a glass half empty person so I easily forget this and stay grumpy. I'm so pleased that today I remembered some of it and snapped myself out of that slump.

So let's reframe, shall we? Today I've had a good day. I got to spend time with my amazing husband who is currently cooking us a roast dinner as we didn't get to go out. That's just the kinda guy he is, even though he's not feeling 100% either. My son has been fussy but he's still had smiles for his mum, even though the snot monster is visiting. I'm currently sat cuddling him as he finally sleeps (this is when I write all my blogs!) and it's nice to know I can comfort him. There's also been biscuits. Win.

I really hope I can remember to be more Blazin' Squad more often and flip reverse it when having a bad day, as it sure as hell does make you feel better. Why wallow when it just makes you feel worse?

So here's to baby cuddles, roast dinner, lovely families and biscuits*.

Did I mention I've got biscuits?

*To put you out of your misery they are chocolate digestives. Now go forth to your day.

EDIT: After hitting publish on this blog, little Freddie woke up screaming (he was very hungry. See aforementioned refusing to feed all morning). I've always been emotionally ill-equipped to handle him really crying (lucky I have a chilled out baby most of the time), but my new mindset helped me through it (and by this I mean barking at my husband "BOTTLE, STAT") and me staying calm helped comfort him. Happy mum, happy baby.

I feel grateful for this little boy, and that I have the ability to comfort him when he needs me most.

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