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The Activent Calender

We love Christmas. Even when things are feeling a little rough, the familiar sound of Christmas music, the smell of baking cookies and the anticipation and excitement the children bring can lift your spirits.

This year, we've made a Christmas Activity Advent Calender - an Acti-vent Calader, if you will, so you can enjoy a daily festive moment and create lasting happy memories!

So, here it is!

1. Put on Christmas tunes and get your decorations up around the house - and outside too.

2. Watch a Christmas movie with hot chocolate for a Friday night treat night (see Something New's top Xmas movies for inspiration).

3. Visit a garden centre like Stewarts, Haskins, The Gardener's Garden Centre, Weymouth, Poundbury Garden centre or Wimborne Garden Centre and see the lovely decorations!

4. Walk into your local town to see the Christmas lights - send a pic to our Facebook page so we can see them too!

5. Write a letter to Santa and post your letter to Santa by walking to the post box. Stamped letters can be sent to: Santa/Father Christmas Santa's Grotto Reindeerland XM4 5HQ

6. Make your Christmas list!

7. Walk around your local neighbourhood to see who has their outside. 8. Make some homemade Christmas cards for your friends at school or nursery.

9. Make some homemade Christmas decorations.

10. Call up an elderly relative or friend and sing them a Christmas carol.

11. Bake some Christmas biscuits - add cinnamon to make your house smells like Christmas too!

12. Go and watch a Christmas choir.

13. Make some Christmas bunting.

14. Go for an evening walk and see how many Christmas stars you can find.

15. Make Christmas snowflakes and hang them up around your house.

16. Do a good deed for Christmas - bake a cake for a neighbour, donate a food item to the food bank, take old toys to the charity shop.

17. Bake or decorate gingerbread men - or gingerbread house if you're adventurous!

18. Go to a Christmas market.

19. Go to your local church or cathedral to join a Christmas service.

20. Bake or decorate a yule log.

21. Can you draw a Christmas picture?

22. Go for a winter Christmas walk in the woods!

23. Buy your carrots/mince pies and or milk to leave out for Santa and the reindeer.

24. Wrap all your presents and put them under the tree

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