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Three Cheers for Chia seeds!

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

So how am I this old and not tried Chia seeds before? They're loaded with antioxidants, fibre, protein and Omega-3. They're also handy as a gelatin substitute. Here's a tasty recipe for Chia seed pudding - yum!

This week I went to the Spa for my birthday treat. Food is always a slight issue for me due to being both gluten and dairy free. However when I was at the spa breakfast counter, I came across these beautiful little glass jars which seemed to have some sort of fruit at the bottom and a mix of almond milk and something else I didn't recognise. I was so happy that they were gluten/dairy free that I thought it's worth a try. They tasted bloody amazing!! I had to ask the waitress to ask the Thai chef for the recipe. To my delight they said this is a popular request...

Four days later and I am of for a little stroll to the shops to pick up ingredients to recreate these little gorgeous pots of goodness. and I thought I'd share it with you!


A bag of frozen blueberries

Chia seeds

Turmeric (I add this to everything - don't feel you need to add)

Almond milk

Honey (if needed to sweeten)

So, I didn't use any measurements - I just guessed. I thought if it doesn't work quite right I will just try again!

1) I heated up the blueberries in a saucepan with a squeeze of honey.

2) Put in glass pots to cool

3) Filled a glass jar up with a mix of Chia seeds and almond milk (add turmeric if you wish)

4) put jar of Chia mixture in the fridge, as well as the blueberry pots when cool

5) After a few hours or when set (Chia seeds expand) pour seed and almond milk onto blueberries and voila!

For my first attempt, these went so well, my one year old ate two dishes. Bonus!!

These are perfect for breakfast, pudding or a snack for you, your little ones and the whole family. Next time I think I may experiment with strawberries or mixed berries!!

Yummy... don't forget to send us in your pictures of your creations :)


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