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Awful Aunty @Lighthousepoole

Review -

We went to the Lighthouse to watch 'Awful Aunty' by David Walliams presented by the Birmingham Stage Company. (21st - 24th March 2024 so book now to avoid disapointment)

Ophelia and I were so excited all day to watch it this evening... Let me just tell you, all day, Ophelia was contemplating what sweets she was going to purchase at the sweet stand - Ooo the choices! We did go for Fruit pastels, in case you want to know!

What was very exciting was, when we arrived, we saw some of our friends from school. So the excitement on a school night of being out, watching a show was just enormous!

I also got to have a sit down and a giggle at watching this hilarious performance, whilst the husband was at home doing the bath time with the others.... What a treat!

At the theatre, as we sat down we were very excited, Ophelia was a little nervous at only 6, as she didn't know what was to expect. We have been working on our resilience with Ophelia so this was actually a perfect opportunity it. There was some sad bits , a vast amount of funny bits, some frightening elements which created a whole load of emotions for Ophelia. That really is ok. Ophelia is super sensitive and cried during Awful Auntie, but equally she did love it and enjoyed it and wanted to watch it. Ophelia also laughed a huge amount at so many of the character's. Soot, the ghost and Gibbon, the butler were utterly hilarious and had us all in fits of laughter. Being exposed to the theatre and acting, creates a whole range of new feelings for little one's. I kept reminding Ophelia, it's a story, its acting and there's going to be a happy ending, I promise. Indeed there was a happy ending and everyone clapped so loud!

The set was outstanding. Every time it turned we didn't know what to expect. I still can't work out how all the turns created so many different sets. It is incredible and Istill thinking about it 24 hours on!

As we walked out, all the adults were discussing the scenes and sets in awe.

The kids laughed, the adults laughed and the cast laughed!

We loved it and I think you will too, It is only on, for the next few days but it is definitely worth a watch!

Love Sebrina and Ophelia x

Photo credits to Mark Douet

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