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If you like curry but are a little apprehensive about cooking one then Hari Hari is the kit for you!  Here you will discover the authentic and distinctive flavours of Sri Lankan cuisine.  The kits are hand-blended in Dorset using only pure, imported Sri Lankan spices and make cooking a curry from scratch super simple.  Not only will they wow your tastebuds, they will also open a door to a whole new world of flavours.


Hari Hari is dairy, gluten, salt, sugar, nut, fat, colour, dye, additive and preservative-free, making them suitable for most dietary requirements.


Targeting the enjoyment of experimenting and cooking from scratch, the kits are so easy to use even the kids can do it which helps to draw a focus on cooking together as a family - cooking because you enjoy it whilst producing a curry that is not only flavoursome but versatile too.


Whilst Hari Hari provides the spice blend, the ‘cook’ has the freedom to adapt the easy to follow the recipe as they see fit.  They can add more or less chilli, they can add optional extras (suggestions offered on the recipe card) or they can add as much or as little coconut milk as they like.  Hari Hari is not like a ‘curry sauce in a jar’ it is a new culture in curry!

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