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We were created to help parents - we feature local events, attractions for days out, recipe ideas, new season clothing, advice on the big, medium and small issues and real-life experiences.


I started Something New back when I had my daughter. I'd been publishing a wedding magazine in Dorset called Something Borrowed, and once I became a parent, it seemed like a logical next step. The thing was, I was doing too much crammed into the few hours I had to work, and after a couple of issues, I had to hit pause on it. 

I had my son, and then two years after I hit the pause button, I had a meeting with a friend that kick-started the relaunch of the magazine. Collaborating with local business owner Sebrina brought fresh energy, ideas and motivation to the business, and here we are: bigger and better than ever!!

Things are still hectic, my two children keep me busy in the day (and awake at night LOL!), and I also run my other business, 83 Media, as well. The magazine has given me so much insight into the local community and Dorset is showing itself to be a true gem when it comes to raising a family. We're blessed!


I have been running business in Dorset for the past 14 years, I also have 5 children of my own and thrive off the energy of my busy house and busy life. I own nurseries in Dorset and have been dedicated to the Early year sector since I was young.

I am very passionate about working, I have worked with an array of people and professionals and love to Network. I am always growing and extending my professional development and looking for new opportunities throughout my journey.

After writing in the Very first two issues of Something New Magazine that Eleanor started, Eleanor and I collaborated to grow the magazine even further, the magazine has just grown from strength to strength. 

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